@chiranuj gives us a little glimpse at #H50 100th episode #AlexOLoughlin #McGshirtless
Thank you so much to Chiranuj Bhirombhakdi on Facebook for this BTS pic from the 100th episode!!


@chiranuj gives us a little glimpse at #H50 100th episode #AlexOLoughlin #McGshirtless

Thank you so much to Chiranuj Bhirombhakdi on Facebook for this BTS pic from the 100th episode!!


Sometimes things are just … that simple.

The wait is over, REAL Worlders!  Thank you for your amazing support and your patience ;-)  

Enjoy the story!

On Making Plans by Ilna:

I really love Making Plans, that just means more great stories to come. (Wanda)

Aww! I love how these two talk. (katydid13)

Love it! Sweet and funny. I love them making plans too. :) (alharpole)

I like them making plans too! Especially longterm, we’ll-be-together-forever kind of plans. Those are the best. (melina-emanuela)

such a lovely, calm piece :) a casual afternoon, which is embroidered with little, sweet declarations that sent a warm wave through my body (MnemosyneMorrigan)

Daddy’s Day - Steve/Cath fic


"Daaaa!" a high-pitched, happy gurgle that suddenly resounds throughout HQ immediately draws Steve’s attention. Chin, who’s standing beside him, raises his head as well, his eyes widening slightly at the sight.

A six month old baby boy wiggling energetically in his mom’s arms, tiny hands already reaching out to grab at Steve, who strides over to them with a smile on his face.

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Super super cute!

See there’s this place in me where your fingerprints still rest, your kisses still linger, and your whispers softly echo. It’s the place where a part of you will forever be a part of me.
 ~ Gretchen Kemp (via operationtidalwave)
Jake + learning to speak :D


Steve’s tired wince instantly breaks into a huge grin, when he walks in and his gaze falls upon a big, blue blanket spread on the floor. Catherine sits on it with her legs crossed, year-old Jake across from her, surrounded by his favorite toys. 

"Hi," Cath tilts her head, bright smile melting Steve’s heart. Jake’s head lifts too, a cackle escaping his lips as he starts bouncing happily, small arms reaching toward Steve. 

"Dada!" chubby fingers making grabby moves, few small teeth peeking out as he smiles. 

Everything that annoyed Steve today disappears instantly at this simple welcome. He throws his keys on the table and leans over, placing a soft kiss on Catherine’s lips, which evokes a happy hum from her and Jake’s high pitched cackle. 

"Hey there, sharky," he picks the baby up, lifting him high in the air. Tiny hands pat Steve’s cheeks as he makes a few silly faces at him, before kissing the top of his head and placing him back down on the blanket. Steve settles behind Catherine, his legs spread so she fits between them, her back resting against his chest.

Propping his chin on Cath’s shoulder, he looks affectionately at their son, his dark, wavy hair sticking in all directions, green romper stained with Jake’s favorite pumpkin mousse. 

Suddenly the boy picks up his stuffed toy, a yellow submarine embroided with green starfish. Waving it in Steve’s direction, Jake babbles happily, “Sa-mauin! Sa-mauin!” 

"Wh-" Steve stiffens, his eyes growing wide. Cath turns a bit, looking up at him with a proud grin on her face. "Is he… did he just?" he stutters in disbelief, "Did he say submarine?” 

"He did," Catherine beams up, "But watch this!" she picks up a book and opens it on one of the pages, showing it to Steve and then to Jake. 

The boy looks at it for a moment, then at his mommy and back at the picture. “Boat!” Jake calls and then erupts in mirthful giggles, “Dada, boat!” 

Feeling Steve’s arms tightening around her and his lips pressing to her arm in a very gentle gesture, Catherine traces her fingers over his arms, caressing them. “We learned some new words today. And when I told him that mommy and daddy used to spend a lot of time on boats, he kind of connected it.”

As if to prove her point, Jake starts bouncing gleefully, repeating, “Dada, boat. Mama, boat.”  


Steve/Cath + key to Steve's house


"There goes your day off," Cath rolls her eyes, trying hide her disappointment.

But Steve knows her too well not to notice how the sparks in her eyes fade and her lower lip gets trapped between her teeth. “I’m sorry,” he leans forward once again, kissing her sweetly.

As he untangles himself from the sheets, Catherine starts to get up too. sitting up on the edge of bed and looking around the floor for her panties. 

"What are you doing?" Steve asks while dressing, his gaze drifting back and forth between Cath’s figure and his phone.

"Well, I can’t really show at the base naked, Commander," she peeks at him over her shoulder, chuckling at the sight of his completely disheveled hair. A grin spreads on Steve’s lips, his gaze sliding down her bare back and he doesn’t even try to look sheepish when she shakes her head at him.

Cath suddenly lets out a shriek, as the bed dips under Steve’s weight and he tackles her down on it. His mouth moves up her neck, leaving a trail of kisses, her hand instinctively gripping his hair.

"Mhmm," he hums, hovering above her, "You could cause some serious riots. And I would have to beat up so many men."

"Poor you," Catherine snorts at him and starts to wiggle from underneath him, "But seriously, Steve, I need to get dressed."

Gently pushing her back down, Steve motions for her to wait as he moves to the other side of the bed and opens the drawer of the bedside table. She watches him with a small frown, which deepens at the sight of three small keys hanging on a starfish-shaped keychain.

"Here," Steve places it in her open hand, brushing his fingers against the soft skin.

He waits for her response, afraid she’s going to question his motives or even worse, refuses to accept it, preferring to stay at the base than here with him. But as she smiles at him softly, fingers clenching around the keys, he lets out a tiny breath of relief.

Cath cups his face, pulling him down. “That’s very thoughtful, Steve” she murmurs, thumbs caressing Steve’s cheeks, “Thank you.”   


Steve/Cath where Steve temporarily loses his voice


"Don’t you even dare opening your mouth," Catherine points her finger at Steve, when he makes an attempt to say something. 

So he huffs and crosses his arms, his highly indignant face making Cath chuckle. She knows that he can be really grumpy when sick, but this time his irritation is over the rooftop, because he can’t even whine about all of it.

Awful laryngitis, that was the doctor’s diagnosis, once Catherine managed to drag Steve to the ER, when he started losing his voice. So now he was forced to keep his mouth shut for at least a week, stuffing himself with medication, unable to even comment on the awful aftertaste. 

"I know you want to watch the game," she tilts her head toward the tv, "But you have to promise, you won’t start yelling. Because if you even peep, the tv goes off and you, Mister," she pokes him with her index finger, "Are going back to bed."

Steve rolls his eyes, which earns him a slap on the thigh.  

Catherine looks at him, awaiting his response, so with a sigh he just nodds his head and mouths “Promise.” 

"Good," she smiles and settles beside him, legs curled up, her head resting on Steve’s chest as he throws his arm around her.

Cath’s warmth seeps through his body, evoking that blissful sensation, which works better than any medicament. He finds himself relaxing, annoyance and grumpiness dispersing as he pulls her closer and focuses on the screen. 

Barely five minutes into the game and Steve forces his mouth close, pressing his lips together till they almost hurt. It’s not the need to comment on anything, but an increasing scratching ache in his throat.

He needs to drink something, but with Catherine snuggled up to him, he really doesn’t want to move even a bit. Deciding that after all he’s a SEAL, he can deal with a sore throat, he keeps still, swallowing saliva a few times.

Suddenly Cath moves, not saying anything just standing up and marching to the kitchen. Steve smiles at her weakly, when she comes back with a glass of water for him. The fact she read him so easily, without even looking at him, makes his heart flutter.

As Catherine settles down beside him, her focus back on the game, Steve slips his fingers beneath her chin, gently lifting it up until she looks up at him.

He mouths a simple “Thank you,” eyes closing for a moment, when Cath’s fingers touch his face. She smiles at him and moves closer, placing a soft kiss on his lips. 


Casual Morning - Steve/Cath fic


[part of Baby SEAL Boom Saga]

The soft sound of mirthful chuckles mixed with cackling spear through the sleepy haze, stirring Cath from her dream. She keeps her eyes closed, still half asleep, but the lovely sounds repeat. Though quite low and muffled, they disturb her blissful fantasy, so she opens her eyes reluctantly.

The sight she sees sweetens the earlier discontentment, instantly curving her lips in a smile. Steve lies beside her on his back, hair disheveled, stubble on his face, a few creases printed by the pillow, but in contrast to many mornings when he greeted her with a smile directly at her, now his attention is fully focused on a tiny person sitting on his chest. Jake in his yellow romper embroidered with tiny trucks sits on Steve’s torso, held up by his daddy, bare feet wiggling, touching Steve’s chin.

Cath beams up as Steve kisses the tiny foot, which makes Jake gurgle happily and reach his hands to pat Steve on the cheeks.

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reblog and make a wish!this was removed from tumbrl due to “violating one or more of Tumblr’s Community Guidelines”, but since my wish came true the first time, I’m putting it back. :)


reblog and make a wish!

this was removed from tumbrl due to “violating one or more of Tumblr’s Community Guidelines”, but since my wish came true the first time, I’m putting it back. :)