Planting Future - Steve/Cath fic


The sight of the blue ‘vette in the driveway and the lights on in the house always make Steve smile. It evokes a delicate warm wave of contentment, that spreads from his heart through his veins, relaxing his tense body and washing the tiredness away.

He often used his job as a distraction, giving his fullest to each and every case, and thoughts about coming back here were limited only to shower and falling asleep. But for some time now, he hasn’t been searching for reasons to stay at late at HQ; on the contrary, he can’t wait to get back home. Often they go home together, Catherine waiting for him in his office, a smile on her lips. And he touches the small of her back the moment they’re close enough. Sometimes, like today, he has to deal with too many reports or the governor’s nagging, impatiently counting down the minutes until he can finally get back home.

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Promise me. I promise you I’ll be careful.

Multicolour - Steve/Cath fic; [chapter 5]


[a multi-chapter fic where Steve meets Catherine’s family - all chapters]

Chapter 5

A soft chuckle escaped her lips, but an amiable wave spread over her body, filling her with heartwarming bliss as Steve’s arm tightened around her and he snuggled closer when she tried to move.

Probably no one who knew Steve McGarrett would take him for a cuddly type, and yet she was the eyewitness of his tenderness and his weakness for closeness. He always had his guard up, keeping his personal space, tensing whenever someone crossed it, but when it came to Catherine, he sought her presence and relaxed within her arms.

As she looked at his peaceful face, eyelashes casting long, long shadows on his cheeks, his lips pressed to her arm, her own body melted, leaning closer. Slowly she traced her fingers up his arm, outlining the fresh ink of the tattoo he had gotten a few weeks ago. Deep green and blue twirls formed in some complicated pattern, which she much preferred to those typical ones that most of the Navy men had.

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Missing Scenes - 1.05


[all missing scenes]

Catherine is stretched out across the white sheets, as Steve sucks lightly on her neck, smiling against her skin at her soft moans. But he apparently seems to be oblivious to another sound that is coming from downstairs - there is a repeated knocking coming from the front door. Steve ignores it, moving his lips down onto her clavicle, his teeth grazing her collarbone.

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mcrollins + catherine-initiated hugs/kisses


favourite steve/cath scenes (~)

then you’re coming with me. 

Summer 2014! Where are you going? :)


Finally I’ve chosen my destination for this summer! I’ll be in Andros and Tinos (Cyclades) for the first time :)
Are you going to Greece too? Where? :)